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SIN-MIN Horchata Lip Balm

SIN-MIN Horchata Lip Balm

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Beverage inspired đŸ„€, your fresh Horchata Lip Balm 
It is crafted in small batches for your lips and those you share with. 
It goes on creamy like your first sip and never gets watered down. From the lift to the lineup, it's made to stay on and last long in the harshest environments! 
These all-natural đŸŒ± ingredients are hand-picked to protect and moisturize with an untinted, no-gloss application in a 0.15oz oval tube that won't roll away. 
You don’t need a straw to taste the flavor and feel the tingle ✹ of this cinnamon lip balm, leaving an unforgettable trace on whatever your lips touch.
And even though it makes a big impact on your senses, Sin-Min does their best to make sure that it doesn’t on the environment by using recycled and recyclable ♻ packaging materials. 
Crafted in California.

      Net Wt. 4.9g     0.15 oz

      ^CONTAINS cinnamaldehyde (cinnamon leaf oil, <0.02%) which can cause an allergic reaction and or irritation if you have a topical allergen to cinnamon. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. 

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