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Red Flower

red flower Italian Blood Orange Body Lotion

red flower Italian Blood Orange Body Lotion

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completely transforming and reformulating red flower's best-selling flowers hold life collection of moisturizing body lotions the new formula now incorporates ingredients that repair, hydrate, and deliver a powerhouse cocktail of antioxidants to the skin. you are left with fresh skinprotected and nourished inside out.

made up of orange blossoms, blood orange varieties, grapefruits, and lime groves this moisturizing lotion is designed to give your body a citrus blast, invigorating the spirits! feel more alive with the scent and feel of this juicy mix all over your skin.

history: from sicily where it was produced way back in the 15th century

origin: spain, italy

essential oil blend: orange blossom, grapefruit, blood orange rind, italian blood orange

process: cold-pressed distillation

aromatherapy: the citrus oils make it a great anti depressant

language: means generosity

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