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Red Flower

red flower Japan Plum Blossom Silk Cream

red flower Japan Plum Blossom Silk Cream

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Hydrate, protect, soften complete the feeling of soft skin with a delicate, protective layer of silk. this highly-absorbent, nutritive cream is a blend of rose blossoms, concentrated silk extracts and plum wine serum. whole rose essential oil is filled with vitamins a, c, and e to heal skin and restore suppleness. plum wine serum is a natural, gentle, skin replenishing sugar acid that encourages cellular renewal. with concentrated silk extract to protect against drying elements and enrich the skin with ten hours of healing hydration. feel the delicate sheen of silk skin.

Sensory experience: know the indulgent pleasure of pure silk over the whole body. feel infinitely smooth and supple to the touch.

Aromatherapy: the abundant beauty of whole rose essential oil and ripe plums is calming and peaceful. be at ease, with a comforting sense of tranquility that cascades over the body.

Origin: at the completion of the traditional bathing ritual, bathers would be dusted with a fine silk powder after taking the waters. when applied directly to the skin, silk powder can protect from loss of moisture and absorb toxins depending on the temperature and humidity along the skin’s surface. an ample source of anti-oxidants, protein and amino acids, silk powder has long been a treasured ingredient in the quest for flawless perfection.

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